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This totally retro 1970’s colour scheme granny square blanket can be seen in Season 8, Episode 6 of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. Thank you Cade for sending me the screenshot!

Just like The Roseanne Show couch blanket and the blanket on Amy’s couch on The Big Bang Theory, this is a traditional granny square blanket. All the squares are the same, made up of a light yellow, dark orange, lime green, light orange and finally a brown round. I would guess the blanket is the same size as the blanket in Taxi – roughly 9 rows of 14 squares.

If you want to make a retro 70’s throwback granny square blanket like this one, I suggest these Stylecraft Special DK shades:

As for the pattern, visit my Photo Tutorials tab for instructions on how to crochet a multi colour granny square.

Don’t you just love granny square blankets? Even the TV shows know that a granny square blanket can make any house a home, no matter what the colour scheme.