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The title of this blog post is quite a mouthful isn’t it? But if you’re a crocheter, I bet you anything you would have asked this question a few times.

To crochet is lovely, but to weave in tail ends not so much. If you’re making a granny square blanket for instance, you’ll have two tail ends per colour, per granny square to weave away. Most granny squares are at least 5 rounds, so that’s 10 ends per granny square! Weaving in those ends quickly adds up to One Massive Job. I know of quite a few crocheters who haven’t finished a project just because the weaving in of ends seem too daunting.

In this photo tutorial I show you how to work away a tail end, as you crochet. If you do this, you’ll only have one tail end (the one that you create when you finish off and cut the yarn) to weave away. That’s one half of The Weaving Away Job done!

As I say on the cover of the photo tutorial, I am demonstrating the technique with a granny square, but the technique can be used for joining a new colour in a row as well.

Join a new colour and work away tail end

The tutorial is available to view on the Photo Tutorials page here, and clicking on the photo above will take you there too.