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In one week I received, wait for it, 87 hexagons from four lovely crocheters for Crochet For Kidneys Part II!! Whoo-hooo!!! 87 in one week!!! The total is now 193.

The fantastic Cathy sent me 40 hexagons from New Hampshire, USA. It arrived in a shoebox filled to the brim with brightly coloured hexagons. Love it!

cathy collage

Between Ellen, from Belgium, and Karen from South Africa I received 17 hexagons. They both used the African Flower Hexagon pattern. It’s just sooo pretty isn’t it? I love that these two ladies used the same pattern and achieved the same result: a strikingly beautiful hexagon, yet they live in opposite sides of the world – proof that good design is good no matter where you live or what language you speak.

ellen collage karina collage

Pauline sent me her hexagons, packaged in clear bags sorted by colour no less, via the  Document Exchange service for law firms. When she asked for my address and saw that I too work for a law firm, we decided to make use of DX. I don’t think crocheted hexagons have ever been sent using DX. Another first for Crochet For Kidneys 🙂

pauline collage

All of these ladies’ hexagons have already been incorporated in the first blanket. Yup, I’ve started to join up the hexagons. Like John said: we want to give the people their blankets while it’s still Winter so I thought I’d get going. I posted a few photos on the Facebook Group of me joining the hexagons. Go have a look here. I also posted that I realised we need 60 hexagons per blanket in order to get it to a decent size similar to the size of the purple and white square blankets.

If we need 60 hexagons per blanket, that means we now have enough for 3 blankets. Hopefully I’ll receive a few more so that we can make 5 blankets. I think 5 is a good number. Obviously more would be better, but at least 5 will make me happy.

I’m off to join some hexagons. Keep them coming ladies! Our blankets are going to be beautiful!