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What a blessed afternoon we had! John is back from his yearly check-up at the Royal London Hospital and has dropped off the five blankets. He took the blankets to the dialysis unit where two of the nurses helped him give the blankets to two of the poorly folk who needed it most. The nurses will give the remaining three blankets, and the other two that I will be sending by post, to the other patients when they are in the dialysis unit again.

John and I are both so happy that the blankets would be used where it is most needed – right there in the very cold dialysis unit of the hospital where John & Pieter’s kidney transplant took place. We were told that blankets couldn’t be given out to people in the dialysis unit of a hospital due to the health & safety issues and hygiene. The plan was that the blankets would go to those who go through dialysis at home, but this way is so much better. The patients who receive our crocheted blankets would keep their blankets at home and only bring it in to the unit when they come for their dialysis sessions. No hygiene or health & safety issues! Yeah!

I am now even more fired up to start Crochet for Kidneys Part 2! Today we saw what a difference those loving made blankets have made, and that’s what counts. In total seven people will receive something useful and tangible that will bring them comfort and hope.

To quote what John wrote on the twoguysonekidney blog:

I had the pleasure of personally handing over two of the blankets to two very happy and amazed people. They were so pleasantly surprised that a complete stranger would come and hand over such a lovely gift to them. And that’s exactly why we decided to do it. We’re all connected, and we’re all a part of God (not apart from God) so what we do for others, we also do for ourselves.